Examining the Story: culture and Culture, I

salvēte, sodālēs! Today, as promised, we’ll look back at the story we created over the weekend from the perspective of culture and Culture. Specifically, in terms of culture, we’ll look at

  • your comments and emails from yesterday and today, which have raised some interesting points;
  • the characters (male, female, citizen, slave, human, and non-human) and the ways they relate to each other;
  • food and eating habits;
  • geographic issues; and
  • anything else you all want to talk about. 🙂

In terms of Culture, we’ll consider

  • how the characters compare with equivalent characters in Roman literature and (in the case of the animals) in the fable and folktale tradition;
  • whether the relationships among social classes are depicted “accurately” (and what “accurately” means in this context);
  • how the characters exemplify untranslatable core Roman values like pietās and dignitās; and, again,
  • anything else you all want to talk about.

Please keep those comments and emails coming today! If you don’t, today’s second post may be a bit brief 🙂 … for two reasons:

  • We’ve already addressed these issues a bit when we looked at characters, plot, and setting on Sunday.
  • This is the first day of a new semester in my face-to-face teaching world, so I’ll be a bit tired this afternoon! 🙂 If you don’t have much to say, I probably won’t, either. 😦

Tune in this afternoon for more about culture and Culture in our most recent story – which still needs a title! Any suggestions?

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