Rites of Passage, II

salvēte, amīcī et sodālēs!  Today’s post will be very short … mostly because I need to head off to a rite of  passage known as the End of Year Dance Recital in an hour or so.  We’ll pick up with the next story in the sequence about Valeria’s impending wedding on Monday.

While I have a moment, though, I’d like to thank all of you lēctōrēs fidēlissimī for continuing to read, to email, to comment when you can, and to ponder the issues we’ve been exploring together.  Since we’re building a Joyful Learning Community together, it’s very important to me that you

  • enjoy the blog posts, the stories, and the other “stuff” at Tres Columnae that you explore;
  • learn something – or reconfirm something you’ve already learned; and
  • feel like part of a larger community of learners, teachers, and other fans of Latin.

Knowing that we have readers all over the world, some with a passionate stake in today’s World Cup match, let me just say what I always say at such times (especially when my students ask me who I’m cheering for, or who I’m planning to vote for): “May the best team win!”

Tune in next time when we see more of the preparations for Valeria’s wedding – and more bad behavior, perhaps, from her naught cousin Cnaeus.  intereā, grātiās maximās omnibus iam legentibus et respondentibus!

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