Longa et Brevia, Gravia et Levia, II

salvēte, amīcī et sodālēs!  There’s another L-O-N-G day on tap in my face-to-face teaching world, so I’m afraid that today’s post will be correspondingly short.  Just a few quick thoughts:

  • It’s heartening to see the high-quality questions and answers on the various listservs that appeal to Latin teachers these days!  This week in particular, there have been great questions about everything from details of Latin pronunciation to techniques for actively engaging students with both high-tech and low-tech response systems.
  • According to my children, I am hopelessly sentimental … and I can’t disagree.  But I got the one of the nicest thank-you notes ever from a student yesterday.  She had some previous, and very unpleasant, experience with Latin; in fact, she said she had always hated Latin in the past … but now she enjoys both the subject and the class.  I managed not to weep, both when I read the note the first time and now as I’m describing it for you lectōrēs fidēlissimī.  But I was reminded, once again, of the power we have as teachers.  I don’t know what caused my student’s former loathing of our beloved language, but I do know (because she told me) what changed her mind:
    • a positive approach
    • meaningful connections with her classmates
    • the strong sense that I, her teacher, care about students and want them to succeed
    • clear, well-organized assignments that help her understand concepts
    • tests and other assessments that actually measure what’s been taught
  • As we continue to put the final touches on Tres Columnae Version Beta, we’ll always keep in mind that it (like my face-to-face classes and yours) will continue to be a work in progress.  It won’t ever be “done” – after all, students and teachers, and their needs, change over time, and we need to respond to those needs.

quid respondētis, amīcī?  What have you been doing recently to build “the new 3 R’s” of rigor, relevance, and relationships in your teaching and learning situations?

Tune in next time, when we’ll explore those themes … and there will be another new Tres Columnae Project story sometime before too long, too.  intereā, grātiās maximās omnibus iam legentibus et respondentibus.

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