From Thinking to Building?

If you’ve read my posts from Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, you know I’ve been thinking a lot about how change happens – and about how changes can spread from the innovators and early adopters to the more skeptical, practical early majority. Now it’s starting to feel like time to move from thinking to doing.

Right after I published yesterday’s post, I found this piece by Cathy Davidson, and we started a lively discussion on Google+ about how literacies involve activity as well as content.

Then I found this piece by Tom Vander Ark about things he would do if he were in a school-leadership role today. And once again, there was a great conversation about the importance of specific action.

Then came this piece, and while the “digital native vs. digital immigrant” concept is a bit dated, I liked the classifications of Avoiders, Reluctant Adopters / Minimalists, and Eager Adopters / Enthusiastic Participants.  I don’t want to be an Avoider … and sometimes thinking about things too much can be a way to avoid doing something about them.

And then came the two pieces linked in this Google+ thread. I think everyone should watch the video!  In fact, even though I hardly ever embed videos in these posts …

And then, just before I went to bed, there was the virtual Spirograph and a lively discussion of building toys.

Along the way, I did some more building of Tres Columnae stories … and some rebuilding in places where we’d discovered things that needed to be fixed. Check out the new, improved Lectiōnēs XXX, XXXI, and XXXII.

I’m still not sure exactly what the finished products will look like, but I know that building is important … and so is thinking, and so is rebuilding. I’m just not quite sure what the right mix is for me each day. And that’s a strange feeling for a person who has always liked to have everything planned out!

What do you think? Is it time for you to do some building, some thinking, some rebuilding, or some of each today?

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  1. […] in any market have very different needs and concerns, as I was reminded last month, and it’s easy for us early adopter types to forget that!)  Anyway, I dutifully deleted and recreated my account, but the problems continued until […]

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