Problems and Solutions, II

Are the solutions inherent in the problems? Do the questions themselves hold the answers? I’m still struggling with these questions as I draft this post on a late Monday evening. But I still feel as though I have more problems and questions than solutions or answers.

And yet I’m learning to be at peace with the uncertainty. It’s been a hard, but very important lesson.

As I worked to embrace and be at peace with uncertainty on the inside, it was a busy and eventful day in my face-to-face teaching world. There was a morning full of meetings and insights and an afternoon full of quiet work time and small-scale conversations. A study in contrasts on many different levels! But then, as I noted yesterday, my life has been feeling like a study in contrasts recently!

In the midst of it all, I was also very glad to get this comment from a new friend, who also sent me a detailed email about the process she’d gone through when she built her remarkable-sounding school:

I do think that if we can get quiet enough we will know the answer. I don’t know how it works; I just know that sometimes if I can quiet my mind and really think about the issue/problem/whatever then the solution, or at the very least the next step, presents itself very clearly. You say above that your “head is spinning.” Hard to think clearly with a brain full of candy floss!!

Sometimes it is not what I want to hear or do, but there it is anyway.

A brain full of candy floss! What a great image! Not only did it speak powerfully to me about how I’d been feeling, but it also reminded me of how learners feel when they’re exposed to too much, too quickly. As another school year begins, it’s important for me to remember not to try to do too much, too quickly … and it’s also important to remember that “too much, too quickly” can vary dramatically from one learner to another.

Quiet the mind, frame the question clearly, and wait. Plant, watch, and be ready to build. Find the solution by clarifying the problem. Are those the common threads that unite this chapter of my life as they unite the last several days’ posts? And what problems and questions do you need to frame more clearly?

quid respondētis, amīcī?

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