Problems and Solutions, IV

Ewan McIntosh wrote a fascinating blog post recently about the differences among three things that have become dear to my heart:

  • project-based learning;
  • Understanding by Design; and
  • Design Thinking.

Go ahead and read Ewan’s post if you haven’t, and take a look at the Google+ thread where we’ve been discussing it if you’d like.

As I keep thinking about problems and solutions this week, I wonder if the constraints (as I’ve been using the term on Google+) are actually the key to the solutions inherent in the problems.  They’re certainly the key to a design process that’s both creative and effective!  I just don’t see how it all connects with

  • the surprisingly good response from my colleagues to a staff-development presentation I did for them yesterday
  • the strangely mixed response of my colleagues (and myself) to Alan November’s talk on Tuesday, as I described it yesterday
  • the strange, but familiar rhythm of the last few days before the start of a new school year
  • that haunting feeling that good enough really isn’t any good at all.

What a strangely disconnected list!  Are those items, and others I’m not thinking of as I write, the constraints that will help me find the solution and clarify the problem? And what constraints or controls are you facing … and how do they influence your sense of problems and solutions?

quid respondētis, amīcī?

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  1. […] detail at current startups and current trends.  If you’ve read posts like this one or this one on my “regular” blog, you know that I’m very interested in applying design […]

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