Problems and Solutions, V

If the darkest hour is just before dawn, as the old saying goes, then perhaps my tired, craggy colleagues and I are on the verge of a real breakthrough. Thursday evening was Open House at school, which tends to mean a long, rushed morning of last-minute preparations, a slow afternoon of meetings, and a quick, but very tiring evening of greeting students and their families.

I was heartened again to see how many of my face-to-face colleagues have grasped that things need to change, that factory-model schooling must give way to something new for this new time. I don’t think we all agree on what that new thing should be … but that’s OK for now. I suppose it’s also OK, even good, to struggle and flounder as I feel like I’m doing right now. If nothing else, it’s good for us experts to remember what it feels like to be a novice.

In our meeting yesterday, we closed with the RSAnimatr version of Daniel Pink’s talk about Drive. I’ve now loaned my copy of the book to someone who wants and needs to read it. Autonomy, mastery, and purpose: how can we build classrooms and whole schools that focus on these? As I looked at eager, hopeful faces, new and familiar, of families who entrust their children to our care, I know we must build these new structures even though I don’t know how we can

Maybe that’s enough for a quiet, tired, rainy Friday morning.

Quid respondetis, amici?

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