Balancing Many Things

So … no post this morning!  But I did write a post on my new “special” blog.  And I did spend a great deal of time, both Wednesday and Thursday, on important things in my face-to-face teaching world and in my actual-life world.

  • I spent some time on the phone with a friend who’s facing a scary unknown.
  • I spent a great deal of time with my students, focusing on them as learners rather than on stuff that needed to be covered.
  • I spent several hours planning and preparing new, tailored assignments and activities for my students, including a special Tres Columnae Project story that they loved.
  • I realized that project-based assignments are great, but design-based ones are even greater.  So I redeveloped two projects, one for my Latin I students and one for my III’s, as design briefs.  It was exciting for them and me!
  • I spent some time with my favorite-and-only children, favorite-and-only dog, and favorite-and-only cat.  That’s really, really important.
  • I figured out what I want in the short term (if you followed the series of posts that began here, you’ll know why that’s so important).  I’ll have more to say about that in another post, though.
  • I took time to eat, sleep, and breathe.  That’s vital!
  • I even had time to use the exciting new lesson planning tool I talked about recently – to plan next week for my Latin I students, and to start the process for my III’s.
  • And I completed some routine, but vital start-of-school administrative tasks.  That was urgent … and if you don’t deal with urgent things, they tend to take over!

I love the discipline of daily blogging; it’s good to be back to that.  But I need to remember that discipline, in general, is a tool not a goal.

Wow!  If I had one criticism of the 20th-century factory paradigm of schooling, it’s that tendency to make tools and measures into goals.  And yet, it’s such a human tendency that I fall into it myself all the time!  I guess that’s one of the many, many things I need to keep in balance.

Balancing many things doesn’t necessarily mean you give equal time or equal energy to all of them, but it does mean you give appropriate or equitable time to them.  That’s easy to say, but a lot harder to do.

What are you trying to keep in balance these days?  And how well are you doing?

quid respondētis, amīcī?

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