Picking Up Speed, II

Just a few impressions from a very busy Monday, with an even busier Tuesday ahead – the anniversary of a day that Americans promised we’d “never forget,” a day that profoundly changed our world.

  • For all the struggles and difficulties we had last year, my Latin III class really rose to the occasion with their first “design brief” product yesterday.  They re-read a tremendous amount of Latin, focused on the characters they’d chosen, and did a beautiful job with a very complex task.  I was so happy I almost cried!  It felt as though our little world, our joyful learning community, had changed for the better in profound ways.
  • My Latin I students, as expected, were all over the place with their first “design brief” product – but most of their products were very good, and even the problematic ones were better than I’d feared.  The I’s are very excited about their “familia novissima” product, which they’ll be working on this week and presenting on Friday.  And I think I’ve found a way to help the group who are struggling with creating and answering Latin questions based on a passage.  It feels as though we’re starting to turn into joyful learning communities – a process that can take some time, some effort, and a whole lot of energy.
  • The school day ended with an incredibly quick and focused meeting … of a committee that has, in the past, found all sorts of ways to be unproductive.  Is that a sign of more good things to come, of good, positive changes in the structure of my face-to-face teaching world?
  • As tired as I was by the end of the day, I did have time to polish an EdStartup blog post, catch up on the course blog feed, and even respond to some other participants.  EdStartup is really beginning to feel like a learning community, and I’m glad I decided to make time for it.  What changes will it bring to the lives of all of us participants?
  • If you’re reading this post “live,” it’s September 11, 2012.  It seems like yesterday that my homeroom students were telling me to “turn on the news because there was a plane crash in New York,” but it was 11 years ago.  Now even my oldest students have hardly any memory of a pre-9/11 world.  I’ve watched other watershed events recede from memory into history, of course.  But I sometimes forget that perspectives are very different if you lived through something or if you lived after it. I’m thinking about that this morning, and I hope everyone on both sides of that memory divide will be gentle with themselves and each other today.

How are things with your week? Slow and steady, or picking up speed?  What do you need to remember, to celebrate, or to be gentle and careful about today?  Whatever you do, if you’re an American who doesn’t live in a military community as I do, and who doesn’t regularly think about the continuing conflicts as I must, please take some time today to think about those for whom the legacy of 9/11 is still a very daily, very present reality.

quid respondētis, amīcī?

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