Waiting Expectantly

When I was a child, Christmas Eve was a day of expectant waiting.  There were certain family traditions – though they changed over the years as family structures changed – but the theme was always the same.  Something glorious was just about to happen … everything was just about to change, for the better, in some significant way that we could only begin to imagine.  But first came the waiting … and waiting was hard for me when I was a child.

Waiting is easier for me at forty-something than it was at seven or eight … though waiting for Christmas isn’t as hard as it was.  I love the season of Advent with its atmosphere of expectant waiting, and I love wrapping and decorating at least as much as I love opening presents these days.

But there are other forms of waiting that are still difficult.  All over the country – all over the world – it feels like people are waiting for a Big Change in their worlds of teaching and learning.  We can see parts of the future – of the glorious thing that’s just about to happen – and we know, or believe, or hope, that everything is just about to change, for the better, in other ways we can only begin to imagine.

But this is still the season of waiting.  Not waiting passively, but waiting expectantly and actively – like the child on Christmas Eve, shaking those beautiful packages and wondering what’s inside.  Like the parents, who “somehow” managed to wrap those beautiful packages when their children weren’t around.

What’s in the box? we wonder – not just the boxes under the tree, but the “box” that holds the future (or the futures) of joyful learning communities, of meaningful learning, of building together, of an alternative to factory-model sorting and selecting?

Whatever you’re celebrating here at the turn of the year – or if you don’t celebrate anything at all – I hope the season of expectant waiting turns into a long, happy season of joyful learning and meaningful community.

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