The Turning of the Year, II

2013! As several friends and a suddenly popular meme have pointed out, it’s the first year since 1987 where all four digits are different. That has me thinking back to 1987, and to all the years between then and now when there were two or more of the same digit. It also has me looking ahead to this brief period from now till 2020, when the four-unique-digits stretch will end for a while.
1987! I was a college student and thought I knew everything … But I did know that I wanted, needed, to become a teacher. I had started to fight that battle with my “practical-minded” family, some of whom were convinced that only money could buy happiness, and that one could ‘t possibly get enough of either money or happiness through teaching. I think that was the year of the food poisoning, too, when my journey from home to college for the winter term was a nightmare of stomach pain and distress. Did that episode start or end 1987? I can’t remember now, but I clearly remember how my circle of friends rallied around me. Helped me with things, brought crackers and bananas when I was able to start eating again.
1988 through 2012! So many changes! My generation were among the last to half-believe the factory-model American Dream that Industrial Age marketing had sold us, the one about working hard, keeping your head down, loyally serving one company for life, slowly rising through the ranks. We were also among the first to chase a new dream of flipping … jobs, houses, cars, relationships, friends, even families cast aside, traded in for the Shiny New Thing which, I turn, will inexorably lead to the Shinier Newer Thing.
2013! A new year with new challenges and new opportunities. A time to take stock, to decide what to keep, what to alter, what to discard. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m skeptical of the New Year’s resolutions that seem made to be broken, the “I really will …. this time” claims about diet and exercise. But a new year is a great time to pause, to reflect, to take stock, to cast aside things that are no longer working, that are just taking up space in the literal and metaphorical storage closets of our lives. To re-embrace the things you keep, to cherish the relationships with family and friends. To recommit to joy and learning and community, or to your own list of critical core values.
2013 through 2019! A whole set of years with four different digits each … a time for much-needed changes? How can we live them with zest and intention? And how can we cherish the joyful times, while using them to spur us on to greater efforts? How can we make sure the metaphorical ladders we climb are leaning against the right metaphorical walls?

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