Power Outage

Not what I’d expected … But what I woke up to at about 4:00 this morning. So this will be a short post, typed as it is on a phone keyboard at a local restaurant.

But actually, as I think about it, power outages and other unexpected “interruptions” of our normal routine can be symbolic, and so can our responses. If I were still stuck in that 20th-century factory mindset, I would have been upset, and I would have been on the phone with the power company, yelling and labeling. Instead, I’m grateful that I did get a hot shower this morning, that the restaurant had power and coffee and hot food, that I even had time to write this post, and that the “stuff” for today is all printed and copied and ready at school. The interruption itself becomes part of the complex tapestry that a joyful community weaves in its shared work; in a factory-setting, that same interruption is something to be avoided at all costs.

I wonder what joyful opportunities, cleverly disguised as interruptions, await us today!

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