Unexpectedly Easy

I had promised the Latin Family a “special extra” Edmodo post on Tuesday, and this is what it said:

salvēte, discipulī, parentēs, et custōdēs,

Thank you so much for a great start to the 2014-2015 school year.  It has been a real joy to work with all of you … and to begin to know the newest Latin Family members.  I am confident that it will be an exciting, productive, and happy year for everyone.  I can already tell that the joyful learning community is in place and that we have begun to build meaningful things together as we get to know the Tres Columnae Project characters and storylines, and as we create and share our own original characters and stories with each other.

It has been a real pleasure to work with the MHCHS Latin Family for the past 13 years, and with Latin students in [The Local District] since 1992.  But as I always say early in the year, the Latin Family is greater than us: it was there before us, and it will be there after we all are gone … including me!  I was surprised, but very happy to receive an offer to expand the Latin Family and the Tres Columnae Project family.  I will be leaving [The School and The District] to pursue that opportunity, which involves teaching purely online, continuing to develop and expand the “TC” materials, and spending much more time with my family.  I’ll be at MHCHS on Wednesday afternoon … and Thursday morning … as I make the transition.  I understand that [The Principal] has already been in contact with some excellent applicants, and I know that the Latin Family will be in good hands.  I’ll continue to be in touch through Edmodo during the transition.

Thanks again for all your support and for your decision to be part of the Latin Family!  Please continue the great work that you have begun, and please support each other (and your new “paterfamilias” or “materfamilias”) through the transition and beyond.

cūrāte ut valeātis, omnēs!  optimam Fortūnam semper!

All best wishes always,

It was unexpectedly easy to write that, and it was unexpectedly easy to say goodbye to the upper-level group, whom I saw officially for the last time on Wednesday.  I’ll be Over There this morning to see Minor Assessment products from the beginning and intermediate groups, to say my official farewells to them.  And then I’ll start getting to know the three groups from District Y, many of whom showed up on their “last night of freedom” for a virtual orientation.

And tomorrow, as I’m working with the District Q group again in the morning and with two groups from District Y in the afternoon, I don’t have to wear shoes if I don’t want to!  And The Dog can sleep at my feet, as he loves to do.

It’s all been so unexpectedly easy.  I was afraid I’d cry when I sent the message … but I didn’t.  I thought I might cry when people read it and started asking about it … but I didn’t.  Would I cry when I said goodbye to the sweet small group of upper-level students?  I didn’t … and they didn’t cry either, though they were sad and told me they wished I wasn’t leaving.

And that’s how I truly knew that the time was right … because, as so many Wise Friends have said over the years, when the time is right, you just know.  And I knew.  And thanks to the joyful learning community of readers here, along with the joyful learning community of friends near and far who supported me with their prayers and good wishes and advice, I was able to step out boldly and embrace the new opportunity.  And all of a sudden, we can build meaningful things together in brand-new, deeply exciting ways.

It won’t necessarily be easy, but it will be right … and right things are often unexpectedly easy, it seems.

I wonder what other new opportunities and insights await us all in the coming days!

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