Grateful Today

… for my New Situation, which meant that even with a cold, I could still work with my students and not worry about infecting anybody.

… for the excellent support the Latin Family receives from The Company, from the folks at Blackboard Collaborate, and from the tech-support staff at their schools.

… for the folks at Blackboard Collaborate, who identified and resolved a server issue that had caused us some problems earlier in the week.

… for the Emergency Backup Plan, which allowed a few classes to keep working when the server issues prevented us from logging on at the normal time.

… for proactive colleagues at The Company and The Schools, who were already thinking about a better Emergency Backup Plan by the time I suggested we should develop one.

… for The Dog, The Cat, and The Family, for obvious reasons.

What are you grateful for today?  And on tough days, or days when things seem to be crashing horribly or going completely wrong, do you focus on the crashes or on the gratitude?  I used to focus on the crashes … and obviously sometimes you need to.  If fifteen or twenty people are expecting you in a physical or virtual place, but you can’t get there and neither can they, that definitely deserves your attention!

But when the situation is resolved, when life starts (or begins to start) to return to normal, what then?  Do you keep focusing on the crashes, reliving the disasters, letting your stomach ache and grow sour with what happened and, worse yet, what could have happened?  Or do you eventually focus on the good things … and even, in time, on the good things that grew out of the bad things?

The beginning branch of the Latin Family really came together as a learning community today.  The tech issues were resolved by the time we met, and we had our first introduction to the concept of cases and noun declensions.  Two or three of us were in a distracted and distracting mood for reasons known only to themselves, but everyone else had had enough of their plans for distraction.  “Just stop it,” someone said … and I revoked various virtual privileges until it seemed they got the message.  There’s a school holiday tomorrow for Rosh Hashanah (it’s a very different world from These Parts), but when we see each other on Friday, I expect our learning community feeling will continue.  W actually created an original, improved version of the Noun Consolidation Sheet and found some helpful explanatory links to share with everybody … if you want to talk about building meaningful things together, it’s hard to think of a better example than that.

And it really feels like Fall … it’s a gloriously wet, drizzly, overcast day in These Parts, and The Dog had lots of wonderful Fall scents to sniff, puddles to explore, and wet grass and bushes to visit on our walks.  And tomorrow, for the first time in Forever, I have an almost-free Fall Thursday to enjoy.

Those are just some of the reasons I’m grateful today.  What are you grateful for?

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