Exercises and Quizzes, and Lessons, Too

salvēte, amīcī et sodālēs! Today we’ll look at another exercise – or series of exercises – in the Tres Columnae system, one constructed with a Moodle feature known as the Lesson or Branching Lesson. We’ve talked about these in the abstract in previous posts like this one, but today we’ll see a real, interactive one. Just as a reminder, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Choose the “Tres Columnae Semi-Public Sample.”
  2. Choose the “Login as a Guest” botton. Moodle will ask you for the “enrolment key” (sorry about the spelling; that’s how the folks at Moodle spell the word). Until June 1, the end of the free trial period, that key is Caeliola79 – so type that in and press the Enrol me in this course button.
  3. Then choose the Lesson called Lectio Secunda Noun Forms. Again, since you’re not a current student, you’ll be able to Preview the lesson (though you don’t have to choose a Preview link) , but you won’t be able to have your scores recorded.

We’ll talk more about the design and construction of these Lessons in tomorrow’s post. intereā, quid respondētis?

I’m especially interested in your response to

  • the sequence of tasks;
  • the feedback for correct and incorrect answers;
  • places where you think students might need more or less practice; and
  • whether you feel I’ve achieved the tight feedback loop I described in yesterday’s post.

 Tune in next time for your questions, our answers, and a more detailed description of Lesson construction. Like exercises and quizzes, whole Lessons can also be contributed by Tres Columnae participants … or you might choose to modify an existing Lesson to make it work better. grātiās maximās omnibus iam legentibus et respondentibus!

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